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◎ Transformers

We supply Transformers to utilities in Taiwan, Philippines, Japan, and Vietnam. Conforms with Tai Power/ANSI/IEEE standards; our transformers are custom made to your request.

◎ Amorphous Cores


Amorphous cores are manufactured in Jiangsu Province, China. Owned and operated by San Jiang.
We manufacture cores for distribution transformers to small power transformers:
5kVA up to 6.5MVA, five leg and three leg designs (Evans Core).

Amorphous Core Manufacturing Capacity: 9000MT/year

Amorphous Material is available in two types, three different widths:
Type 1: 2605 SA1 comes in 5.6’ (142mm), 6.7’ (170mm), 8.4’ (213mm)
Type 2: 2605 HB1M comes in 5.6’ (142mm), 6.7’ (170mm), 8.4’ (213mm)

Cores can be manufactured to meet your window dimensions with extremely low losses. (Specs. can be downloaded)

Services we provide:
● Core and Coil assembly
● Transformer design support
● Technical support
● Logistic solutions

◎ CRGO Cores

We use various grades of Silicon Steel such as 20JGH090, 23JGSD085, AKM2, AKM4, AKM5 etc.  Silicon steel core manufacturing capacity: 3000MT/year

◎ Coils: Dry and Oil type

We can make oil type coils to your spec. and requirements as well as source dry type coils for your convenience